About Bestpoint Technologies

Bestpoint Technologies About UsBestpoint Technologies is the leading Fire Protection & Maintenance Company in Singapore. It was established in 1997 with the aim to provide the best service with competitive prices to its customers.

Bestpoint Technologies’ business is structured into two core competencies, each strategically defined to meet the unique services required by our customers. They are the Fire Protection & Detection Unit and Servicing & Maintenance Unit.

Servicing & Maintenance Unit

We specialise in installation of Sprinkler System, Dry and Wet Riser and Hose reel System. We are also involved with the installation of Chiller pipework and installation of Fan coil and Chiller Pumps.

Fire Protection & Detection Unit

We offers our clients total service solutions like Design & Build for Fire Protection Services, Submission to FSSB, Fire Protection Installation Works, Servicing, Repair & Maintenance contract, Demolition work for M & E Services etc.

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Our Company's Focus

Our Certification

BizSafe Star Certification


QEC Certification


ACS Certification


BCA Certification


The Bestpoint Family

Through the years, Bestpoint Technologies have grown to become a family of dedicated and like-minded people who ensure that quality in work flows from the Directors to every staff in the company. Everyone working in Bestpoint Technologies is also made known that they are a valued asset to the company and is rewarded accordingly to their merits. This is what makes us different which shows in our work and in all that we do.


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